He Thinks I'm Amazing

All the ladies want him, but SHE has him. A retail story of infidelity and sexual frustration at Pear, America's premiere frozen yogurt store.

90 minutes
5F, 2M

Very Simple

A comical-tragical tale of the fall of Jennifer Trapp, executive editor of Very Simple, America's #1 monthly magazine about creating a simplified domestic life. Developed as a part of The Second Annual Playwrights Union Challenge and read as part of The PWU Second Annual Reading Festival.

90 minutes

The City She Wants Me

An existential farce set in Echo Park with an aspiring Lego artist, a man called by God, an adjunct professor with a dream of recreating 1930s LA in an airplane hangar, and a television starlet that comes to their apartment to ... die. A semi-finalist for both the 2011 Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference and The Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

90 minutes
2F, 2M

Putting The Days To Bed

A long night of drinking in which Annie considers her marriage, Mara offers dreams of personal finance perfection and Simon discovers the subtle pleasures of Back to The Future Part II. Developed at the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab and read as a part of Ars Nova's Out Loud Series.

70 minutes
2F, 2M

Kate and Anne Marie

A comical meditative piece in which Kate and Anne Marie take many lunches in midtown Manhattan and also present two short lectures.

45 minutes
2F, 1M

Little America

Little America is a southern rock and roll fable that takes place in a college town in Georgia during the early 1980s. Sip's band, The National Eyeball Registry is on the brink of national fame, while his older sister Ashe is seducing its greatest fan, the greasy innocent, Jefferson.

90 min
2F, 3M


When Z moves for the summer from the Arizona with palm trees to the Arizona with pines, she becomes more than a little upset about her future. An existential college comedy.

80 min
2F, 2M

707 Pine

A party in two acts on a perfect July day in sunny Seattle at Linda's Tavern. Using Willliam Saroyan's classic The Time of Your Life as a starting point, 707 Pine boasts a 14 member cast including a drunk painter and her sidekick, some girls from California, an avant-garde theatre director who works as a d.j., an upset French barista, a Russian flower girl, and the fallen mayor of Seattle.

80 min
7F, 7M

21 Shots

It's 4 am, and the "working man" Brian is forced to take in his friend---the "novelist" Parker Rockmonovich---who has been thrown out of his apartment and needs a place to crash for the night. Produced by Printer's Devil Theater and published by Rain City Projects.

80 min
4F, 2M